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Himself outdid me. ( red face)

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Himself entered his ugly fabric challenge and won First Place on it, got an Honorable Mention on his blue quilt with a Cat head.. and the feather border.. someone said the cat ate the canary. LOL...

will see if I can find the pict of his Blue Ribbon "ugly fabric, quilt challenge, and post it with this.

I hate to admit he outdoes me, but he really is particular about his seams meeting, keeping everything squared, etc.

RitaR & himself.


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Go Roland! Go Roland!

Hugs Rita! Let me know if you need a cheeseburger from Andy's to cheer you up!

I'll buy yours but we'll make Roland and Kelley pay for their own:P

I heard that the show was a great success!

Our show is coming up in two weeks and I think Kelley will win a ribbon too!...at least I hope he does (just don't tell him 'cause I will never get him back to earth!)

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Music Maestro: "If you want to be happy for the rest of your life. . . . .MAKE AN UGLY FABRIC CHALLENGE QUILT AND WIN!!!"

Congratulations Roland! I love the tropical visual impact!:D

Rita, Beauty before the beast!!

You guys are having so much fun. Thanks for sharing

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Joanne, I'm so blasted homesick and lonely I'm not sure even a crane can get me back up just now.

After the first of the month, we'll take you up on Andys. Paid off one bill so a wee bit of it goes to something that is actually fun and away from home. Andy's is fine. Will need to get quilt blocks.. I think Oct. and Nov?

The rest of the money goes on that danged credit card.

Lord knows I just don't pay enought attention to minor details.. LOL, maybe I can lose myself. LOL

Liam, are you anywhere near Oshkosh, WI. Thinking we will be at a military reunion of 4 buddies this coming summer, probably. Would love to see the lamas, or at least have a cup of coffee with you in town, and get to say hi.

Keeping busy messing up, yes I'm actually messing it up, a round skirt made into a total circle, in a square.

Dyes have run, blues are brown and browns are blue.. purple is blue. etc. I just want it warming someone, so am playing on it, not really messing it up.. Will soon be done. Then the dratted border.

Thanks everyone.. RitaR & Himself.

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Joy, there is something driving me nutso, in your photo. NO! Not You! lol, to the right of your head, left side of pict, looks like a huge schnozz with teeth in it. What in heck am I looking at. I know I'm not the only one curious about it!!

Thanks everyone, I have Roland tethered to the oak stump out back, with a logging chain. he might otherwise end up in China or Iceland, maybe Greenland.. He really looks funny with that fat head.

Have a good night and God Bless.

Ritar & Himself.

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