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I have been spending hours on searching for "beginner

pantographs". Would somebody please be so kind to tell me

the "Company name and name of the panto". I have been on the internet too. The problem is I have no clue but, you ladies do.

you are the pro's and I'm the student.

Please....please....pretty please....... (This is pretty bad).

Thanks for your time.


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Newbies to pantos should avoid tight/heavy density pantos and detailed designs.

Look for open interlocking curvy designs. If you go to my website and click on the pantogragh link then on the light density one you will see 36 newbie user friendly examples of pantos that are easy to master. Most of my pantos that I use are bought from just do a search for the names of the pantos you like from my website to locate them on the willow leaf's website.

Of course just like freemotion nothing beats practice practice practice. Also if you want instant results you can always try the pattern boards and stylus approach.

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Try the following link:

I haven't tried these but with the advice above, pick the brains of the "shopwner" as well. Drop them an email. They should know what designs are easier and better for beginners. I use Lorien quilting and Harmoine (sp) is realy approachable and will let you know which ones would be best.

As with every other technique used on the Longarm, it still will require practice and the relaxation of the "death grip". ;):D


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