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Warm thoughts for RitaR please

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hI FRIENDS AND QUILTERS. too tired to do much tonight.

With new CTscans on site, real time, they decided the hip would or should work relatively pain free with a solution in the hip ball, the place that should have fluid in it to keep bone on bone from happening and hurting. If this lasts, fine, and if not then it will be surgery, full replacement. Besides the shot in the hip; with what felt like a soda straw, I had a shot in the heel this afternoon.

So far the numbness wore off, no hip pain unless I move wrong, regain mild activities; The back is pain free on the right side and nearly so on the left. Maybe tomorrow will be pain free, or at least reduced.

The best way I can find to say thank you in, a way that I feel, is to send BIG HUGS and GOD BLESS to each of you!

Another Dr. appt in the morning.. Love you, friends,

RitaR & Himself.

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Rita I pray that the hip injection works for you and you don't have to have hip replacement. I had three injections two years ago in my knee. But now they have a new one that you only need one injection instead of the series of three. I am scheduled to have that done in two weeks. I hope the one injection works as well or better than the three has.


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Sending prayers and hugs your way. Thank you for keeping us update on what is going on with you. Please rest while you are in recovery.



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