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help-block layout

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It's sudoku for the fabric challenged!

I've got brain drain tonight, and can't seem to figure out how to 'randomize' my blocks:

someone has to know how to do this...it should be a math thing, but I can't make it work out on paper. :(

Seven prints.

The block center is 5.5" sq. wrapped with 2.5" 'logs' of each other color, (except itself, of course) so, seven fabric squares in six variations, each.

two of each block (I can make a few more or less, as required.

(clear as mud?)

How do I lay it out? oh, and to complicate things, two of the prints are very similar greens, and I'd like to keep them from 'clashing'.... but that may just have to be what it is. :P

I used to know a math teacher...she was great at laying this stuff out on paper for me.....sigh....

too bad I have never learned to use my eq...



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I get it as far as the 7 fabric colors using the other 6 as its edge pieces. But... I'm lost on the part where you say...how do you lay it out?

In other words, are you laying all 7 across in one row..then you dont know what to do with the 2nd row? If so, you will have to alternate using the even/odd method, or the 1 3 5 7 method, then the 2 4 6 or every 3rd color, which will probably make your blocks meet at the corners and look like the color is angled going down the quilt. Now am I clear as mud? LOL!

I'd say your going to need to use your design board and just play around with those blocks.

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Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to mislead everyone. It's not a sudoku quilt.I was just feeling like it WAS a sudoku puzzle after trying to lay it out and not being successful...some 64 blocks later, with no progress!

..it's just basic square in a square kind of log cabin style blocks, and there are only 7 fabrics.

There has got to be a way to lay them out and not get the same print next to itself, without making myself blind in the process. Oh, did I mention, it's for my 'tweeny' neice, and it's brain-damage-bright-colors?!

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Keep all the colors in the same order. Move the center color of one block to the outside of the next block. This will give you 7 blocks, each with a different color on the outside. You could just repeat these same 7 blocks or you could rearrange the color sequence for each group of 7 blocks.

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1 purple flower

2 green plaid

3 blue dot

4 green flower

5 hot pink

6 yellow dot

7 green stripe

So, the combination of fabrics would be:

(skip 1+ 1 because it wouldn't show up to wrap a fabric in itself)







the second set is:


(skip itself)






and so on.

Since the blocks are stitched, but the rows not yet sewn,

I do have an option to add blocks at this point, if more combinations would allow for a more random layout. I don' t really want that obvious "diagonal" in the layout

I could add:

8 slime green

9 Orange

10 turquoise

the addition of three more fabrics would result in 9 variations of blocks, of each color.

It will always end up one less block than the # of fabrics, since one square isn't wrapped in it's own color.

Geeze, those guys on Numb3rs make it seem so easy....lol!

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Holly, that's right, each of the fabric squares are wrapped by every other color, just not itself. so, you end up with six combinations of seven different fabrics.

there has to be a way to figure this out, and not make me crazy. I did try the design board, and the more that ya try to move a block so that they aren't right next to a similar one, the worse it gets!

ok, where's that quilter's math lady when I need her...???


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