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help-block layout

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13 47 50 20 41 71 31

65 63 39 42 84 6 28

52 5 40 3 4 74 32

44 75 70 19 73 77 62

49 60 2 80 29 26 12

30 22 33 21 79 14 25

45 57 34 18 16 67 81

55 68 24 82 78 10 46

38 69 15 9 59 11 35

27 17 76 48 58 61 23

56 37 83 64 51 7 43

66 8 1 72 53 54 36

Now it just remains to lay it out and see what it looks like! :P

yes, there's a math geek in here somewhere!

Yes, I do drive my dqgf (dear quilting girl friend) crazy, because she can just 'let it happen' and well....no, I can't!

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Okay, I got a pattern for this somewhere but I thought it was 9 fabrics, each fabric equals a number, and it's laid out so it's a solved sudoku puzzle. The sashing forms the 'lines' between the puzzles and I think it was 3 by 3 blocks separated by the sashings. At least that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

My SIL does these, but I haven't had time and it looked complicated. I saw the pattern and grabbed it because I figured it would be a good quilt for her.

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The problem is that a couple fabrics were only 1 yd cuts (who buy such small pieces?! ya call that stash?! lol!) and they're all used up...so, any additional blocks would be missing a couple prints in each 'set'. Not that it would be too noticeable, as scrappy as it is, and the fact that ya can't look at it for very long! roflol! :P

hmm... I keep thinking the soduko pattern should work, if I had nine block variants instead of only seven. (and the puzzles come in six by six and eight by eight, but not sevens! lol!)

It's become more of a challenge for the layout than for the actual quilt!

omg...I need a life.....:(

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I can see how a mathematical plan seems appealing, but if two of the fabrics are similar so you want to keep them apart, it sounds to me as if you will have to go for the "How does this look?" method of arranging blocks!!!

However, if you want to stick with the Sudoko theme, why not add in the extra fabrics that you mentioned - thus giving you 10 fabrics, but count the two that are similar as one. That would give you nine options. Then you could arrange them following a completed Sudoko.

If you organised them according to the outside colours that would probably work better. Your difficulty would be making sure that you don't have too many identical centres. That would have to be done by eye I think. Alternatively it would be a maths problem that is beyond my level!!

Hope that helps - and I look forward to seeing photos of the finished quilt!!:)

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Originally posted by Calicoquilter

I don't know about the rest of you, but I just lay it all on the floor and move the blocks around until it suits me.

Do you know what I love best about quilting...it allows the perfectionist side of me to go into hiding!

I can just enjoy the hobby that has taken over my life. None of this trying to figure out just the perfect layout. If it feels right...then I go with it!! :D

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