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Liz Berg Visit (Text) + New Pic

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Just wanted to share my quilting guest with you all.

WOW! The most gifted Art Quilter I know, Liz Berg visited me in my studio last Friday. Liz and I made friends at my guild a few years back and she quickly became one of my quilting mentors. I had invited her over to try out my Millennium and she finally took me up on my offer. What a gift it was having her as I learned so much about color, values and non-piecing techniques. Liz used a foundation/fusible technique which my Millennium sewed right through! Liz is such a generous quilter, sharing her expertise and experience. If you read Quilting Arts Magazine you would have seen her quilt on last months cover along with a 2 part article that wraps up in this months magazine. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful and giving quilters in my life. See Liz's web site at: www.lizbergartquilts.com

Here is her wonderful blog she wrote about our get together, Thank you Liz!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Long Arm Quilting Adventure

How many times have you looked at those huge quilting machines at the big shows....that is, unless you already have one of those $17,000 babies...I have tried them at Houston last fall and last year at our own quilt guild show, but always on muslin.

I happen to know a representative of American Professional Quilting Systems (APQS). Chery Uribe is a drop dead gorgeous woman who is voluptuous...you know, the kind of woman you like to hate because she is so lovely! Well, you would except that she is absolutely one of the nicest people around. She is the one who has been by my side telling me about the various machines...but without trying to sell me one (yeah, right, she knows when I make the decision I will go to her!). She had invited me out to her house to try her big machine anytime I wanted.

Well, this was the time. I had finished a 60 x 60" quilt which needed to be quilted. So, thought I, let's try the long arm machine and see what I can do with it on my own work and not just rambling around on a blank piece of muslin. Was I in for a learning curve! I have taught machine quilting for about 20 years but all of a sudden, moving the machine around was something different. Cheryl kept telling me I was doing really well for a first timer. I used the stitch regulator but didn't really like it so went to the non regulated stitching. The most important thing I learned was to shut off the machine when I needed to pause so it didn't keep on sewing!

What an adventure!

Cheryl has provided some pictures for your enjoyment! I'm surprised my tongue wasn't sticking out as it usually does when I am concentrating. Anyway, I finished the quilting and then this evening, in front of the TV I did the unquilting so I can fix the major boo-boos on my machine.

Oh, and by the way, Cheryl quilts for other people, including Alex Anderson, so I know I have a good teacher!

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Her work is amazing and how fun to spend the day together. So, how did you like her blog Cheryl, you drop dead gorgeous woman??? Didn't that just make your day . . . it would mine.

Does Liz ever teach classes in your area? I would be interested in signing up. I love her work. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Quilting,

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JEAN!! I know! She is crazy with that beauty talk, I love it! WOW, that is one reason I posted it! It will never get old hearing compliments. Although, she was very kind saying "voluptuous"! THANK YOU LIZ!

Check Liz's site for her teaching schedule. She has taught for many years and is a very well respected Quilting Educator. She often teaches around here, probably around your area and nationally. I know that one of her Art Quilt Groups meets up by your neck of the woods every once in awhile.

I am lucky to own one of her quilts, it hangs in my piecing studio! I'll try to remember to take a picture to post. Some times I can figure it out some times I can't!!

If you don't find Liz's schedule let me know, I will find out.

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Hi Cheryl,

Thanksfor posting thr blog and the photos. Tell Liz her quilt she was working on is awesome.

I am missing you!

But I am here with Janne in Helsinki today for the week. :P I finally have my laptop again. I had a wonderful week with John and Angela Pickering, our dealers in the UK . What a great time and they are a wonderful couple. So anyone there in the UK looking to get into a great APQS longarm machine they are there to assist you. You can find their contact info on our find a dealer page.

While there I also got a chance to meet a couple of our ladies on the list. Ferret and Bridgitt which I enjoyed so much. I really look forward to seeing more of their work around here on the list (and at the shows) hint, hint.

Oh I am so happy to be in touch again.


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Have fun in Helsinki!!!!! And maaaany greetings to Janne!!!:D

Sherry Rogers will start her class programm tomorrow after she arrived yesterday wiith a 7 hours delayed ( right spelling??) !

We ( Philippe , Sherry , Dirk and I) tried already a ......really little taste ..... of white wine and Ouzo!;):cool::D....

Have a great time......


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Okay, this is exciting. You remember my friend Liz Berg. Well, she is on pages 54, 56, and 57 of the October issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine! Even more exciting (for me), a quilt of hers that I own "Be Still the Day" is on page 57!! I just had to share, you know how excited I get. Almost as if I was in the magazine myself! I guess I live through others talent!! I am proud of my friend Liz. She has been a fantastic mentor to me. I appreciate her, her talent, and her sharing of her art. I wish you all could know her! Check out the magazine. If you don't subscribe go buy it, you won't be disappointed!

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