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.....and I will start my flight to Australia on sunday........yeahhhhhh!:D

The arrival will be on tuesday......and I a will teach a lot of classes while the following two weeks at Sue Morris Studio.:D

I´m getting really excited and I will start packing my stuff and suitcases tomorrow.......after finishing the christmas exhibition at my shop today!;)

What a wonderful and busy time:cool:..........as I´m finishing my Quilt top for "South of the border" this week,too!:D


BTW....Did I tell you that my kitchen was torn down and restored in the last few weeks,too - because of a water leaking?

Soooo.....perfect timing....*lol* sewing in between dust, rubbish, noise and coffee cooking for the kitchen team:cool:

ok....that´s for now....going sewing the last border!

Have a great sunday.....


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Hi Claudia

I am so envious of everyone who will be at your classes:o Wish I could be there but I am leaving my home on Thursday to drive 1300 kilometres (just over 800 miles):( to help my daughter move into a new home. She will be starting a new job the first week of December (she's a chef)

For the past year she has been living and working on an island so we plan on having a big shopping spree for furniture and everything else a 26 year old needs (wants). Then Mum gets to drive home

SO EVERYONE HAVE FUN I will be thinking of you:):)

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Maybe I shouldn't say this but the Germans that live in the Barossa Valley area were nicknamed "Krauts" by my husband. BUT he does love their red wine.

Claudia expect some heat. Tiger woods has ben playing golf in Melbourne this week in 30+ degrees celsius.

Enjoy your trip "South of the Border" to visit the "Mexicans" (Victorians). Sorry I can't be there to take your classes.


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