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Sheri Butler

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Unfortunately, we're down to the slow stuff now. The interior two walls have been framed and tomorrow the guy hooking up the radiant floor will be out. Then the contractor back again to finish the walls, put in the toilet (or squirt, I think Linzi calls it;)) the kitchen cabinets and lights and then we just have to stain the floor. I'll take more pics this weekend--we're getting closer, albeit slowly.

The radiant floor will run from an on-demand propane water heater that will be supplied by a separate tank from our house. It will be a 120 gallon tank and since it has to be outside the yurt, I'm thinking of painting it to look like a quilt. Dennis tells me I can't because its not ours--I say pshaw!!! It will be so much cuter when I'm done with it, I'm sure they'll hire me to paint all their tanks!:D

Best thing--the hot tub that we've had for about 4 years now is hooked up and hot! We soaked morning and night all weekend and yesterday we were serenaded by coyotes!! Its lovely!!!!

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