Hartley Fence or Circle Lord???

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Hi everyone,

I got a Lenni with a 12 foot table about 6 months ago, and I love it! I am doing well with Pantographs and rulers, and I am PPP with freehand, athough I find it very difficult. I really want to do circles, medalions and crosshatching. I have researched both the Harley Fence and the Circle Lord, and connot decide. What do you like/dislike about each?


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The Lenni Circle Lord is US$599.00.

You get the basic Circle Lord to do Circles with1/16" separation

up to 13 inches and 1/4" up to 20 inches.

I know you don't have 20 inches available, but you can do 2 halves of 10 inch each with the Large Blade.

You get the Stepping Disk and 4 sqircles to do Medallions and

a Computer Visulizer to design your medallions. And, of course, our industrial grade Stylus and Holder.

Also the Spiro-Thingy and a $100.00 credit for a small template.

Later, you will be able to get the front stylus system, that will use the Basic Circle Lord that you already have. Our Giant templates make quilting a breeze.

Please start looking at Circle Lord Index

Our web pages and blogs have instructions, pictures and

design ideas.

And, last but not least, our 12 month payment plan.



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I love my Quiltazoid for doing circles, crosshatching and all kinds of designs! It works very easily and is so reasonable. Make sure you check it out. It also works from the front of the machine which is my favorite thing about it. For $700 you get the basic unit which can do cross hatching & circles and plus you get the spirograph tool that gives you more than 600 designs combinations. The sky is the limit. No affiliation just love their product! http://www.quiltazoid.com/pricing

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The Circle Lord allowed me to do professional looking quilts out of the box.

I love the Circle Lord.....it's so easy. I use the individual block templates periodically for custom quilts. The giant templates that go on the back pay for themselves over and over. They make the quilting easy, accurate, and FAST. $$$ So you get paid more per hour for your time.....They are "no brainers."

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I love my Circle Lord! Even though I'm working on my freehand skills I have found the templates so quick, easy and handy to use! I used three different sets of long templates on quilts that I entered in my guild's show last month and the judge, who is NQA certified and qualified to judge masterpiece quilts (and mine aren't masterpiece :P) had positive comments about the quilting on all three quilts. I think that says a lot about the Circle Lord products, and not necessarily my quilting skills. These products have helped me be a good quilter and I love them! Michael and Kay are great to work with and I would think you would be very pleased with their products.

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I use both! I love my Circle Lord and Michael is the best. I used my Hartley for two years before I got my CL. I did attend a class with Mryna to learn how to use my Hartley and use it for borders and I have templates for it. I didn't find it hard to use

I use my Circle Lord a lot these days with the long templates and the different - 100's - of block designs for samplers for the customer christmas quilts this season.

I haven't seen or used the Quiltizoid. But I would love to do these blocks from the front. As Michael said he will be offering the attachement so you can use the Circle Lord from the front on Millies and hopefully for a Liberty and Lenni and I can't wait !

I have crosshatched with my Hartley with no problem, the CL has a great template for crosshatching that I hope to get in the future.

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Love, Love, Love my Circle Lord. Although the Hartley Fence is a fine product (I owned one), I found it hard to use. My husband who doesn't have a stitch regulator, is able to do some of the king templates also. After doing custom quilts, there is nothing more relaxing then putting the CL on the machine and just relaxing while the CL does the work. These have been the best ivestment I've made other than buying my longarm. The service is above excellent. When I needed a special size template (the small aztec), Michael had it in the mail to me within 24 hours. Circle Lord could be the manual on how a business should be run. You can't go wrong with the Circle Lord. (They also have the patience of saints, I know this first hand):P:P

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I just learned to use my CL because I had to do 86 feather wreaths on one quilt! It was easy, fast and beautiful. I highly recommend the CL, especially if you want it to be completely brainless! Yes, brainless.

Once you get it all set up and in place, which takes about a minute, off you go. I like the templates myself. I like the way they make the blocks look consistant and perfect!

Go for it, you will not be disappointed with the ease of use, quality of the tools, or the warm and kind help from Michael and Kay.

Lisa Burghart

APQS Liberty/Circle Lord


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Mary Alice,

If the Swirlz Giant Template is what you're talking about, I find that it's best going from left to right when at the back of the machine. The instructions may even say that.???

If you quilt it the other way, you will more easily miss the fillers (between the circles -- they look like bowties).

And it's very helpful to take a Sharpie and mark a couple of arrows or something a few inches before each filler. That will help you know a filler is coming.

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I am a relatively new longarmer---only for myself. I have had my Gammil Premier for almost 2 years and with a sorta steep learning curve (for me) I am just now becoming a bit more comfortable. I would really like a CL but it is a big investment. My Premier is NOT stitch regulated. Would the CL still be okay for me? It seems like most users of the CL are professional quilters and have a stitch regulated machine. Is it really easy to install? Are the instructions that come with it "user friendly"? What additional templates would you suggest for a "beginner". Thanks in advance! I have been searching and looking at pics and am I ever impressed!!!!! BTW---how about using the long pattern boards. I purchased a Baptist Fan Pattern Board from another vendor and have yet to figure out how to use it past the initial row and get really nice fans.

Thanks in advance!:)

PDS (Patricia)

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You don't have to have a SR machine to use the CL, you just need to know how to do it. I am not the one to ask, but I believe Carol Lyon's husband has a non SR machine and he does great things with the CL. There is no learning curve for the CL, you load it, you use it. It is that easy. Yes, you do get instructions, plus the best customer service ever!! If you are having problems of any kind, you can contact Michael and he will walk you through each step - no extra charge. Or you can come here and ask questions, if we can help you we will. As far as other boards from other manufactures, I cannot say, I have never tried anything but CL and that is were I am staying.

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I lusted after the CL for a long time. This summer I purchased it 'used' from 2 different owners. I got the basic unit from a lady in California. AND then I purchased almost all of Sherry Rogers-Harrison's templates whoc lives in Washington. I feel I got a good deal from both ladies and now I can say I'm a CL owner. Love it.

I notified Michael that I purchased used and from who. You see Michael keeps track of ALL his products. This way if there's an update or whatever you are notified. Now that is Customer Service.

Keep watching here and at mqresource.com and many of the yahoo email groups .... someone is always selling and you can reap the benefits. JMO

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