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I'm using the Singer MR needles and haven't had any experience with the Organ needles. Attaching a couple of links to previous posts about needles as well as one for Dawn's Quilt Talk article about needles, just as info.

Did you get my email and U2U?




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I supply Organ needles and have sold quite a few. If you will do a few searches you will find several of my clients were very pleased and switched from the MR's. We have been using Mr's for years here and have now switched to Organ's with great results. We use organ's because they have proved to us to be superior to the MR's.

I am not in the sudio at this time but I can check the No's on the Organs. I buy Organ and MR's from the same supplier.

The same size Organ leaves a smaller hole. The scarf is like the MR but the Organ does not have that big hump on the front.

Here is a link to a post that might be of interest to you.



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