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SandyG go to http://www.mylivesignature.com/

1) click to start

2) Type your name in the box as you want us to see it

3) there are 120 pages of signatures pick one you like or one that is close to how you sign

4) follow all the steps, very easy (on the color one click the transparence box otherwise a white box will be around your name)

5) on the last page it will give you an ID and a huge long number....DO NOT USE THIS....look down below that and there are three sentences...click the one that says "I want to use this signature"

6) another page will pop up and there will be your signature, but you still need to generate the correct code.... USE the BB CODE...click on that, and it will ask once again to generate a BB Code. Look down below you will see a box with a and a huge number in computer language....HIGHLIGHT THIS and then right click on it...copy and be sure to get both img's they are also imporant in the computer language.

7) open up your profile page in APQS forum.... EDIT PROFILE and go down the left side till you get to Signature: then paste your BB code in this box...and then Edit Profile...you should see your name pop into any posts you have written.

If you have any trouble you can call me and I will walk you through it.

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dancing bear wants to see what this signature thingy looks like. it might bomb ... it might be the bomb! who knows. Oh, i am without my superpowers ... lost my voice yesterday, hoping to find it tomorrow. thank goodness i don't need to talk to Max ... i just glide and ride with him! I do tend to talk to myself, but only in a very low voice ...

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