Christmas swap quilt finished!!

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Unbelievable!! I pieced something. Then quilted it!! OMG

Then I bound it!! I guess that's the correct sequence :P but I can't seem to reach the final step!!

I love the Christmas strips from our swap--I used the brights and darks with a white on cream for the background.

Simple piecing, lots of white spaces for some special quilting, easy zinger border made from the leftovers, more white, then binding.

Unfortunately, I had a half day to squeeze in the quilting and three hours between work yesterday and my Guild Christmas meeting last night (my self-imposed deadline!) was used to bind it.

My plan for special quilting (some fancy feathers) was put aside because of time constraints. I am happy with my new Christmas quilt!

What shall we do for a new swap?


Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided


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Oh, you are SUCH a SHOW-OFF:P:P Its beautiful...and I think you did some pretty fancy quilting there, too, missy!! Doesn't it feel great to finish something of your own??:D


Dorothy MillerAPQS Sales Representative

Crazy Horse Quilting

Sequim, WA


To Ride or Not to Ride...what a stupid question!!

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cute! You do great under pressure! :)

"Of all the things a woman's hands have made---The quilt so lightly thrown across her bed---The quilt that keeps her loved ones warm---Is woven of her love and dreams and thread." excerpt from The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt by Carrie A. Hall

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Shana in North Pole, Alaska ---- The Farthest North APQS Sales Rep  
 Always quilting with her faithful friend, Mademoiselle Madeleine Millennium, Bliss-fully skating gracefully...and having lots of fun with IntelliQuilter

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beautiful job Linda.

I love the swirlies around the stars, reminds me of blowing snow in a winter storm!! The holly border is great as well. You did a great job and is this the first one done from the swap or have others finished theirs as well. I may have missed them. I think I did see one that was pieced already. I love to see all the different designs everyone comes up with.

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Oh Linda, I just love what you did with the swap strips! And I agree with Jeanne, it reminds me of a snow storm amongst the stars, with the holly/berry border to top it off. Awesome! You are just so inspiring, thank you. :)


Proud Owner of 2009 Millie

Bliss & Quiltazoid Friendly

We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails.....

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That is lovely Linda. Love the quilting too. :)

I am close to having mine pieced. I managed to use all the strips and added a great beige snowflake fabric for the background. Now, this encourages me to get it done! Thanks.

I won't be ready for another swap, as I have lots to finish first. But, keep me posted.

Kristina at website http://withakquilting.blogspot.com/ and personal blog http://froggybottomquilting.blogspot.com/


Hoppily quilting along with FROGGER - my Green Millennium, and TOAD - my Liberty. Quiltazoid equipped too!

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wow! That white background made those Christmas colors just pop! The quilting is beautiful! I love it.

Just Sew Simple Sylvia Blissett APQS Freedom '09 "Stitch" Circle Lord 2010 “"Until one has loved an animal, Part of their soul remains unawakened.”

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See what happens when you can't stop by and visit the forum everyday. You miss eye candy like this.

Linda it is gorgeous!!! Immediately went into my favorites



Shepherd's Garden Quilting

APQS Sales Representative

APQS Millenium


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