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Discover the benefits of using BOTH the stitch regulator and manual quilting mode together! The Quilt Glide option is available on all 2008 and newer Millennium and Freedom SR longarm quilting machines from APQS.


APQS Customer Service & Education Director


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Dawn, this is really cool. It is something I would be much interested in. I have a 2010 Millie. How much does the Quilt Glide cost to be installed? Thanks so much.

Dustee, Quilt Glide is $1250; to be installed you need to send your head back to the factory. I sent mine in for this upgrade and while Millie was at the factory Amy went over her and checked everything out, tuned her up, installed Quilt Glide. The shipping cost for UPS is dependent on your location. You can call Amy at the factory to make an appointment. I love my Quilt Glide!

<p>Vickie Oliver Beachside Quilter APQS Rep SW FL 2013 New Gen Millennium, Quilt Path


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