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Lenni's Simple Features

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Home hobbyists and professional quilters alike enjoy the simple, easy-to-use features of the APQS Lenni. Built with the same quality as APQS's larger machines including a stitch regulator and needle positioner, the Lenni offers powerful features of larger systems at an affordable price!

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Hi Dawn,

I bought my Lenni in Houston, and it's delivered, set up, and 3 quilts old! I do have a couple of questions, though --

First, how does my table work with a roll of batting? I don't see anything that would hold the roll. I looked at the second link above, and see reference to that, but I can't see how it applies to my table.

Second, the channel lock -- horizontal, I think -- the one that would go side to side. Do I have that? I thought I did, but I don't see how to make it happen, and I don't see anything about it (or the batting roll) on the DVDs or online videos.



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Hi Robin,

Way to go...3 quilts already is fabulous!

You can actually add a batting bar to the Lenni table. It isn't quite as convenient as the Millie table simply because the two legs come straight down and with a huge roll of batting, it can encroach on your walking area. But the batting bar would mount to either the front or rear legs with "U-bolts" that support it. To remove the bar to load the batting, you loosen the U-bolt, remove the pole, and slip the batting over the pole before reinstalling it. A batting bar from APQS runs $150 plus tax and shipping.

Here's a word of friendly advice...and remember it's only an opinion because many people LOVE their batting bars. I had one on my machine but I removed it after only a short while for two reasons. It was much more difficult to load and trim the batting for the quilt, especially if I wasn't using the entire length for a particular quilt. Secondly, and probably more irritating for me personally, I spent more time picking loose threads, lint and dirt off the batting where they had trickled down and clung tightly to the roll than I did simply storing the roll in the corner of my room. But that's just me. :)

As for your second question, you do have the vertical lock on your machine, but not a "horizontal" lock. It can get very confusing, so let me explain. When you only want the machine to move to the left and right along the entire length of your table, you actually activate or use the "vertical lock"--it locks the machine out of the vertical direction and only allows it to move horizontally. When you stand at the pantograph side of your machine, look at the right sewing head rear axle just in front of the right rear handle. You should see a black knob there with a red bumper underneath it. That is your "vertical lock". When you twist the knob clockwise, it will screw the bumper down to meet the carriage. That will be enough friction to prevent the machine from rolling forward and backward, and you'll be able to quilt left and right.

The only APQS machine with a "horizontal lock" is the Millennium. But all APQS owners can create a pseudo horizontal lock very easily. Just use one of your pony clamps (or to make it easy purchase an extra one at the hardware store). Move the machine to where you want a straight vertical line. Then put the pony clamp right next to one of the rear wheels on the carriage, clamping it up and over the edge of the rail. Push the machine against the clamp and it will act like a brake, preventing the machine from rolling further.

Hope that helps explain things. Happy quilting!

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I sent mine in for this upgrade and while Millie was at the factory Amy went over her and checked everything out, tuned her up, installed Quilt Glide. The shipping cost for UPS is dependent on your location. You can call Amy at the factory to make an appointment. I love my Quilt Glide!

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