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Video Links Permanently on the Forum

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Hi Everyone!

As I've been adding video links today to the Forum, you may have noticed a new category for Forum Topics when you click on the "APQS Quilting Forums" link.

We're constantly trying to provide as much education as possible, as APQS truly believes in sharing the legacy of quilting with generations to come. To that end, we've added a forum category where we'll post links to helpful videos about your machine, and quilting in general.

Having these links as part of the Forum's normal structure will make them easy to locate when you have a question or concern.

Naturally, we're constantly trying to create and update videos...Heidi Kaisand's always "at the ready" with her new camera if she sees an event or opportunity to showcase something helpful or just plain fun. Plus, I'm working to get more educational and maintenance videos prepared for you and uploaded to the APQS Quilting Channel on YouTube. We will also now post those relevant links right here on the Forum.

I'm sure your "wish list" for video topics is long, and we certainly want to do as much as we can to meet your needs. If you have suggestions for topics, be sure to call or email me and I'll add them to my growing list of "requests and dedications"--reminds me of my old radio announcing days!

One important thing to note....

To keep the video link pages uncluttered and easy to navigate when you want to find something, we have disabled the ability for forum users to post or comment on a particular topic. That doesn't mean we don't welcome your comments and suggestions! If you have something you'd like to address or a question about any given video segment, please email me at dawn@apqs.com.

We hope this new area will become a valuable resource for you, like your own, personal APQS video library!

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Can you tell me where I can find instructions or a specific video about loading a quilt top on a Freedom using zipper leaders and not pins? I looked at the training video today that came with the machine and it did not seem to address this. Do I need to go to the website for the company that makes zippered leaders, and would they address specific machines like APQS vs Gammill, etc?

Thanks in advance!:)

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