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Originally posted by Primitive1

Ohhhh, thanks for explaining Dory. I also used to have a horse and this sounds like fun (if I were younger!)!

You'd be surprised - endurance riding is actually a sport where older people do better. It's about pacing yourself and your horse to the best of your current fitness/abilities. It seems like most people don't have the time to commit to it properly until they retire - *then* they start racking up the miles. :)

(Horse riding is so glamorous, I tell myself, as I look out at the mud-coated, tangled creatures... Today I have to perform miracles on them and turn them into sparkly objects. That and schlep a bunch of 100 lb hay bales around.)

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull

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I love the quilting you did on the quilt. I give you a lot of credit with an endurance ride. We used laugh about my riding ability. I tried english riding for a while. Because I was so short and had short legs I managed the walk, trot and canter/fall off very well. My legs acted like a clothes pin on a very thick clothesline.

Good luck on your ride and keep quilting and sharing with us.


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