The Christmas Roast Beef went bad

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Like something out of National Lampoon - Christmas vacation, we are having our dear friends over for dinner later today. I pulled the roast out to season it and get it ready. I unwrapped it and it went bad.

Things that are going through my head . . .

Oh My.

Uh Oh!

"Fudge (only I didn't say fudge)"

this will make a really funny story sometime

so how much do you confess to your guests???

can I salvage it???

eeeewwwwwww, no not salvageable

What is Plan B??????????

So instead of a delicious Roast Beast (now a Day Family tradition for 16 years) - I'll have to do another for new Years instead. . . We are going to have a traditional italian dinner made with all the fixens out of the freezer, cubbord and fridge.

Thank goodness for online recipes, I think we will have Chicken Saltimbocco with roasted yukon gold potatoes (those didn't go bad)

Wish me luck and prayers!!!!!


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New traditions are good. We always do something different at my house because my daughter and I are vegetarians with my DH the only meat eater. Sometimes he gets scallops, salmon, or like tonight Rock Cornish hen. Jess and I are having cheese ravioli with a salad and some stuffing on the side. Oh yes, a veggie too. Change can be nice!

Sorry the roast was bad. I know that is disappointing for you.

Happy Holidays!

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We know just how you feel we almost had a disaster for a Christmas dinner as well. Luckily for DH it was salvageable. It was the Lasagna sauce which he had been cooking since yesterday. During and a little after breakfast, he mistakenly turned up the wrong burner and burned one pan of the sauce. At first he thought both pans had been burned, but luckily one was fine. Once tomato sauce with meat in it burns onto the bottom of a pan the taste goes right through it and there is no masking that taste. With a full house of guests, my husband felt pretty bad as he is the chef in the family and would be devastated if it was all a waste. It turned out very delicious and all was well. Sometimes life just deals you a curve and you have to make adjustments. Julia in your case it would have been worse if you didnt notice until everyone got deathly ill from spoiled meat. At least they got dinner and enjoyed it so all is well that ends well. Hope you had a Merry Christmas anyway.

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Yeahhh Success!! Dinner was great. Altough the cooking faries were really giving me greif. I did burn the potates. We managed to salvage with butter. Who would have though that i had all the ingredients in the freezer. I would totally do it again, but this time use real proschuto not Bacon.

here is the recipe

What a great evening. Our Dear Friends older kids stopped by for appetizers and cocktails. Mike's Oldest is in the Army and was home unexpectedly for Christmas. Please pray for him as he shipps back out next week.

We are truly blessed to have friends and family like that.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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