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That green grass looks so beautiful to me! We are in a cold spell, down to minus 25 C at night and only up to minus 16C in the day. For some reason the cold days are really bugging me this year. Plus, the snow will not leave until April. Four more months.

Enjoy you lucky people!

Sylvia FC ( from Canada )

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We have about a ft. of snow. Beautiful on the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado. My Golden Retriever just loves the snow. She is worse than a little kid playing in it. It was warm this morning when I took her out for her walk, about 27 above. Snow is my excuse to stay in and sew. This fall when all the Aspens were turning, I didn't get anything done, just stayed on the deck and watched the trees turn. Now we are on the down side of winter. Only another 4 months to go. Ha, just don't like the cold all the time but we keep the wood stove going 24-7 so we are real toastie in the house.



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What a doll! We have about 16" now, and are getting more everyday for the next 10 days!!!

My German Shepherd likes to go out; about every 15 minutes it seems, and just sit on the deck and look around. Bark at moving leaves!! lol Then, if I don't let her right back inside she lays in the snow on the deck and "secures the perimeter"!! Pets are too funny!:P:P And no, I cannot watch another of those ads with Willie Nelson singing!!!! Too sad!

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