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Question for John - Turbo Winder Trouble

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I have a turbo winder that came with my milli, it used to wind wonderful bobbins, it now winds loose and crappy bobbins, I have cleaned and adjusted the tension parts. Any suggestions, it is about to take flying lessons.

Any help would be appreciated. Luckily I have started using more prewounds, but it is a pain and I have to use a rinky dink bobbin winder I have and it winds beautifully, you just have to baby it.

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I'm assuming that the bobbin is spinning at a constant speed. The "O" ring on the drive motor wears very quickly and causes issues. Check your tension disk for debris. It sounds like a tension issue. Compare the tension on your other winder to your Turbo and it should be about the same. In a pinch you can probably use your DSM winder.


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Thanks, as soon as I clean my room of minky remnants after making 6 minky quilts for christmas I will give it another try. I have about a 1/4" of minky fuzz everywhere, so not much chance in cleaning tension disks until I get defuzzed. It will be in the morning as I have curtains for a customer to make tomorrow and will be receiving 2 quilts. And I thought I was going to work on my stuff.

Guess not!

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