Circle Lord for sale

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I have a Circle Lord for sale that is gently used. It comes complete with the basic set-up which you can see at Loricles website.


I used it a few times on my Millennium, then my sweetie got me the Intelliquilter, so I don't need this any more. I'm asking $375 plus shipping from zip code 54829. I am guessing the shipping weight will be around 25 pounds, once I securely pack it.

Contact me offline at:




Millennium and Intelliquilter, an awesome combo!

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Hey Mary Beth, I just noticed you are a CL consultant. When did it happen?. Congratulations.


Nora Alquraisha

Columbia Gorge Quilting

Quilting with my new HQ Fusion"Baby"

Washougal WA


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I'm very interested. I'm from Canada, so I'll be checking into how much shipping would be.


Quilting from the Heart

APQS Millenium, Circle Lord equipped, hand guided and lov'n it!!!



Quilting From the Heart is on Facebook!

RoseCity Quilter is also on Facebook!!

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