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Yurt Interior...Finally!!


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It looks so cozy. I am sure you and Dennis will spend many happy hours together in your yurt for two.

I am so truely happy for you. But honestly, now that you are all settled in how about I send you a plane ticket and you can help me get organized in my studio??????

Enjoy your studio I know great things will come out of your yurt. Happy quilting.


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Carol, did he have any idea what a yurt even was??

Heidi, it does look small from the outside; but its so open inside that it seems so much larger. I have one of those fold down tables from Joanne's that stays behind my machine until we need it; then it gets rolled out to the middle. Even open, you can still walk around it! Amazing!!

Vicki, it is just like Cosby; no kids allowed. The ponies and the dogs cannot come in!!:D

Sylvia, the square footage is 452. The ceiling is totally white with the wood beams; noty sure what's showing up as yellow. There's also a huge skylight at the top of the yurt that's wonderful--especially when it rains. I love the sound. The way we built this, with the radiant floor, concrete foundation, etc., I think it ended up costing more than brick and mortar. But...it fits and looks cute next to the house; isn't that the most important??

Hey, Lucy...The radiant floor heats water that goes through pipes in the concrete. It stays at whatever temp we set it and the heat radiates up. Overnight, we keep it set at 50 and usually turn on an electric heater low; so morning temps are chilly. The wood stove, with the base heat from the floor, heats the place up within about 2 hours to totally comfy. Wait til you come up--the temp may be the same as the house, but for some reason, the yurt is warmer.

Dell, my fabric storage will be in those glassed bookcases with yardage going into drawer units that I'm going to buy in Reno on Wednesday that will go under the yurt. I adore having my space...even if I do have to share with Dennis;)

Shana, this yurt is 24' diameter; we have one in WA that we'll stay in when we're up there that's 20.' I really wanted the 30' but we didn't have enough land for it to go there.

Patty Jo, the smiley face is to give Lilly some personality. I stole the idea from Shannon; next will be tattoos or something else fun (prob'ly not). Shannon had those stickers on her machine and I had to know where she'd gotten them. They're fun because you can change them up.

Thanks for all the nice compliments! Its a terrific space; unfortunately, I've only been able to visit it today. I'm getting our paperwork organized and if I like how it works, I'll share!

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I would love for you to visit, maybe in the summer when you are headed up to your WA state property.

I just noticed that you have a NEW 2009 Mille!! How exciting, we now have fraternal twins. When did you get it? The reason I say fraternal twins is that I was looking at your pics and noticed you have a CLEAR plexiglass table (lucky you). Did you keep your old table and just get the new machine? I really wanted a clear table but APQS told me they do not make them any more. So sad. I really think the new black table is not an improvement.

Well anyway, your new machine looks fabulous in your new yurt. I hope you have many happy hours in there. Enjoy!!!


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