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Yurt Interior...Finally!!


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Lisa...you're supposed to pay me to come up...remember?? Hire me to help you organize??:D:P Just kidding...but one of these days, I may ring your doorbell. Yep, I just traded in my head. I love my clear table; I think it actually keeps the table from looking quite as huge as it is since part of it is transparent. Did you get the Quilt Glide? You know, I'm not sure I've forgiven you yet for not buying from me;)

Nita, the yurt is incredibly sturdy. We had it engineered for an 80lb snow load, so it has 2x6 rafters instead of 2x4 and bracings for each rafter. There will also be bracing between each stud before we can get a final from the building department.

Kay, I'm jealous that you're in Scotland! How cool... I got to visit Europe once when I was 17--I was young and stupid and certainly didn't appreciate it nearly enough.

Irene, I get more organized in there almost daily. I've just started organizing my stash, stealing ideas from others. The room has 450 square feet (how do they get square feet from a round room?) I wish we could have gotten the 30' yurt, but we were squeezing to fit the 24!

Thanks, Jessica, it sometimes takes a wench to drag me out of there!!

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