Uneven tension/flat lining

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I had lots of problems with my thread flatlining (on the bottom). I tried everything. Finally, I was messing with the hopping foot height because I was using a heavier batting. When I readjusted it back to normal I made it about 2 business cards high (which is what it was initially set at) and still had problems with tension. After reading all the posts, I adjusted the hopping foot to just 1 business card (and pretty tight too) and now my tension is perfect. I use Hobb's 80/20 batting mostly. Hope this helps...

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Flatlining can also be caused by:

[*] needle flex (use a 4.0 for best results)

[*] moving too quickly

[*] moving to the left or away from you (when at the machine's front side); these two directions cause the needle to flex out of its best position to meet the bobbin thread and form a stitch

[*] stitch length set too long for your movement (try 11-12 stitches per inch)

[*] thread tension too tight on BOTH the top and bottom ( the more pressure you put on the thread, the more the top thread bends the needle as it passes through...try loosening up the bobbin thread so that you can tighten the top without breaking it

Let me know how it's going!

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