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Machine Won't Run Help

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Need more information.... Is it powered? It works in SR mode, but not in manual? do you have the speed setting up? have you tried both front and back handles? Do other functions work?

Patty Butcher
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An APQS machine, right?

Make sure you have advanced the SPI (speed) at least a bit or it won't stitch in manual.

If that isn't it, maybe your controls are bad. With the mushroom handles you can swap the back to front.

Otherwise, I'm outta ideas for a quick fix.:(

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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by chance is there thread wrapped around the bobbin pin possibly preventing the machine from being able to stitch?

Kristina at website and personal blog


Hoppily quilting along with FROGGER - my Green Millennium, and TOAD - my Liberty. Quiltazoid equipped too!

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