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I've been wanting to play with a mariner's compass for a feather class demo. Finally had a little down time. I drew the compass using Renae's Rays. Used metallic threads in the center, and a variety of different thread in the borders. It's just a sampler. Now I want to do a good one with out hodge podge borders! The chalk doesn't hardly show in person, but really picked up with the flash. I guess I better wash it!:o






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Thanks for the nice comments! Joan, the threads I used were as follows:

The center compass & rays: Superior metallics (I especially love the copper)

Small border: Superior black bottom line (used this on the back also)

Large border: Superior Rainbows for the right side and bottom borders (green & pink)

Fil-Tec Glide for the left side and top (blue and gold)

It was a really fun project. I want to start another!

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Wow, this what a wonderful quilt. I just love how all the colors pop up and the quilting is wonderful. I know you are so proud of it because it is gorgeous. Remember back at MQX banquet night we sat next to each other. I should have rubbed some of that wonderful artistic talent off from you that night. Ok, just a little :P

One question I had for you is about the Fil-tec glide thread, what kind of thread it that? is it a rayon, cotton etc, and what weight would you compare it to if it was a Superior thread, bottom line, so fine, rainbows ...

I have not tried this thread yet. I love how thin and strong the superior threads are so I would be interested in others that would compare in strength and weight. thanks

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Jeanne, you can see all the Fil-tec threads at It's a 40 wt., high sheen trilobal poly thread. Quilts wonderfully, and it's good in the bobbin as well. It's strong thread, never have any breakage. I started using it last year. I love the high sheen. Some people don't like that much sheen, but most of my customers rave about the thread when they see their quilt! It seems stronger than the Superior Rainbows to me. I love them as well, as I do all the Superior threads. I wish Fil-tec would make some varigated! I would love to try them.

Yes! I do remember sitting with you! That banquet was a hoot! I wish I could go again. I loaded myself up with classes so tightly scheduled, I hardly had time to get to the quilts and the vendors!

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