How to load a quilt with scalloped borders?

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Joe Ann

I have a similar quilt that I am getting ready to quilt. I am thinking that the best thing to do is to float the entire quilt top and just run a basting stitch along the top from scallop to scallop. I will be waiting to see what answers you get as I too have been thinking about how to do this. Mine is on point as well so that makes it even more difficult to line up straight. I may have to load it on point as well, luckily it is small enough to do that.

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To get it loaded I would fold back the scallop to get a straight edge and pin that to my zipper on the upper bar (I don't float my tops). Remember when you are loading it to leave enough room to fold out the scallop. Hopefully you have border that will help you line it up. A laser light really helps for that since you can't really run your straight line. Once you have it straight then fold back the scallop and baste into place.

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