laughing at Himself. Too Funny.

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Himself was out on the deck, with the snow shovel, and I was watching then suddenly noticed only the pole handle was working.

About that time he noticed it too. it, the shovel part, was out in the yard, barely showing under a load of snow. He had no idea he'd been shoveling snow without. Would have taken a LONG time to rmove 5-6" of snow with a broom handle.

ROFLMHO, still................

Here is a pict of himself with a repaird snow scoop or shovel.



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We got a bit of sleet overnight, then a hard enough freeze,, he was walking on top of it, to bring stove wood in. starting, in the bright sunsine, to melt enough to let squirrel tracks show a bit. It so pretty, clean, white. fresh, and bright....

Hope all else is well..


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Nope, no plans to go out unless someone de-snows our drive, and the road is cleared, I get too antsy .

Scrappy quilt piece huntin right now. need about 360 different fabrics. 2 1/2"wide. No idea how many more we need.. will cut to size and lay them out on the table in the sewing room. Then I'll know how many more I have to cut off of previously cut pieces, to fill the quilt. This is for the Rancher's Daughter quilt.

Himself is helping me pick out pieces and ironing.

Must check the rest of the chat and get to sorting. and cutting and headaching. lolol.


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