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Just thought I'd share. :) ...

This past weekend (Jan 30, 31) during our recent full moon, a coworker of mine, Greg Lacy, (he works Security on the pipeline) was doing surveillance rounds "out in the middle of nowhere Alaska" and he took these. Of course, he has an very nice digital camera, all the filters, expensive lenses, tripod, and he shares his gorgeous photos with us often. The wildlife photos he takes are so awesome. He's out in the field most of the time, so he catches some unique photo opportunities.

Anyway, it looks like it's sunlight with the bright reflection on the snow-covered trees, but be assured this is the moon's light, not the sun. The moon is at a low angle in the sky, so what we see here is the moon either rising or setting (my guess is, he's taking the photo looking north with the moon setting in the west). And you can see the stars in the sky if you look behind the aurora.


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Dear Miss Shana,

OMG!:):):):):) That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty!!! Can I spend a year with you or somthing, because I want to see the Northern Lights, too. LUCKILY:), we just studied sound and light in 4th grade so I know a little more about the Northern Lights. Also, do the Northern Lights have any sound in them?

Hannah Fountain :cool:

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