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Yes, I hear you all :D:D:D This is too funny. Who knew it would take 2 1/2 years :D:D:D And who knew it would bring a man to his knees:D:D:D Okay, I finish it this morning before I left for work. As soon as I got to work I had just enough time to sign into my computer, sign into this off my message to you all...then get to work. Sorry I lef you hanging all day :) So then, DH is leaving for LA in the morning, so he took me out to dinner tonight because he feels bad that he is leaving me here....all alone....with my quiting machine, sewing machine and his big screen TV :D Any way, then we had to get home and watch American Idol and I had to iron his clothes. Sooooo, I have to take him to the airport in the morning, so I know he won't let me play in the morning and do what I want to I will take picture tomorrow night or Saturday morning....because the lighting is just right in the livingroom for pictures. Now....don't get crazy, it's just a normal just took me forrrrevvver to get it done!

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One more thing. I have decided to try to get this quilt to my binder....cause it is way too big and I hate binding. And, my camera stinks. So I am dropping the quilt off today at the binder lady, and I will buy a new camera....any suggestions accepted....then probably on Sunday or Monday I will be posting pictures. Sorry for getting you guys all wound up for nothing.

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MB, I'm beginning to think you're just stringing us along. "I finished, but I'm too busy to show it to you??"...seriously??? Wasn't there someone else on this list not too long ago who took FOREVER to show a picture of a raffle quilt they won???:D:P

I have a Nikon P90 and LOVE it!! Got it at Costco.

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