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Dritz Water Soluble Pencils

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Has anyone used the Dritz Water Soluble Marking Pencil?

I usually use the Mark-B-Gone water soluble pens, but the store was out of stock, so I purchased the Dritz water soluble pencil instead. I tested a small mark, and it was easily removed, so I marked my entire quilt top, which is going to have a fair amount of trapunto on it. I made a mistake and needed to remove about an 8" square area, and I had to virtually scrub the marks to get them off. Now I'm very concerned I'm going to have trouble removing the markings after I'm finished quilting. I plan on completely submersing the quilt, but I fear it will take more than that to get it out. I've posted a question to Dritz, but so far haven't gotten a response. Can anyone advise me?

Thank you

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