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How I protect the $$$ I've spent in digital patterns

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I have a tip to share about how I protect the $$ I have spent on patterns and embroideries. I thought I'd share here in case it helps someone else. For a long time I just stored them on my hard drive and tried to remember to back up my drive frequently. Then I started using Dropbox! I get 2 gigs of free storage so I can make sure my purchases are safe and sound. Plus, I can access my files from any computer! All of my files are stored in the "cloud" so it doesn't matter what computer I am on as long as that computer can connect to the internet.

For example, I like to surf the web on my Apple laptop. Many times I will find a pattern I want to download. However, when I went downstairs to the HP computer I use with my embroidery machine, I had to transfer the pattern via a jump drive or something similar. Now, I just store all the files on Dropbox and I can get to them on any computer I want. Plus, all of my computers automatically sync with any changes I make to my Dropbox files!

Did I mention it is free? :)

You can even add more memory for your Dropbox through referrals. For example, if you decide to try out Dropbox using any of the links in this post, both of us get an additional 250MB of storage!

I don't have any affiliation with Dropbox at all- I'm just a happy customer who is super glad I've found a way to protect the investment I've made in digital patterns!

Check it out!

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