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NQR--back from OPRAH

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Well we had an awesome time in Chicago! Came home last night and was soooo tired but my littles ones greetings perked me right up! They missed me as much as I missed them!!

Oprah was great! What an expirence! The topic was about the 1978 Jim Jones "Jonestown Massacre". She interviewed his son. Not a real uplifting topic but it was very interestin. And after the interview, Oprah visited with us like a big group of girlfriends. She is very down to earth.

One exciting part was that while we were all "visiting" an audience member (not our show but waiting in line for the next) went into labor!! So Oprah ran out of the studio, barefoot, and the cameras followed her to the ambulance waiting outside with the pregnant lady!! She came back then and told us that the lady was only 7 months along and that the contractings were coming fast. So hopefully she made it to the hospital in time and stopped them or at least delivered the baby safely.

Long story short, my sister, my mom and aunt and I had a great time and lots of wonderful memories were made!

"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." Phillippians 4:6

Michelle Beckman

Log Cabin Quilting

Teutopolis, IL

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Glad you had a great trip! Oprah has always come across as "down to earth" gal--glad to hear she is. I don't agree with her politics but do appreciate all the good she does for her foundations for children.


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