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Mary Beth you could be rooting for the Lions. Bless their hearts. My family love them but say they do not know where the goal post are because they have never been there. Don't yell at me! I am from Detroit but last year the got the all time record for never winning a game Now that is sad. I am pulling for the Saints but no money on either. Ann

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Hi everyone this is my first experience at being on a forum, haven't had my Milly very long but am learning a little bit especially with the help of Kristina (frogger) and I just wanted to say I did not like the half time show for the super bowl, but I'm sure many, many people did. I sure as I go I will have lots of questions for ya'll to help me with. Everyone have a nice evening. Honeyquilter--Pat

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Well, that was a great (very exciting to watch) game! Really good defense and really good offense played by both teams.

I wasn't too impressed with the "must see commercials" in the Super Bowl. Usually these are extraordinary. I did like the Coca Cola commercial and Budweiser commercial.

I am not a big football fan, but was glad to root for the Saints, and with everything New Orleans has gone through these recent years, it is good to see excitement and happiness in that city. I'll bet the Mardi Gras celebrations in NOLA will be even more crazy than ever before! :)

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