NQR Enjoying the Sun with a friend

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LOL, that's too funny! They were showing people at the Carolina beaches surfing with snowmen on the shore...what an odd sight.

This has been the best snow! It's fluffy, was pretty coming down and beautiful to wake up to...but melted on the roads before lunchtime.

It certainly was weird to have heavier snow south and east of us in Raleigh...it's usually north and west.


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Perhaps it was him on the news! Is he in school in Wilmington or working in the area? Or military? My memory stinks...

I hate to get my shoulders wet, even in the summer...well, actually, that was when I was REAL skinny and alot younger. I might appreciate it now...but I doubt you'll ever find me in the ocean in the winter, even if I am a little heavier and experiencing power surges (hot flashes for all you younger ladies who haven't experienced it yet :P).


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Anita you are still nothing but a little whisp of person.. can't imagine you any ssssmaller or ttthiiiinnner than now, especially not in cold water of any kind.

loll thats too much..

Heidi, thats so like what I'd expect from Matt after what you've told me about the little um uhhhhhh guy...

LOL, Ritar

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