Quilt stores in Spain

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I am sorry that this is in English not Spanish but I am not bilingual.

My sister's family and I are planning to join a tour of Spain in September. We will have some extra days in Madrid. My sister and I both quilt and would love to visit a quilt or fabric store while we are there. Can anyone give me information on any stores?


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I don't seem to find your post in my message board. Here is a list of quilt shops in Madrid:

In this one they speak English, actually, they are APQS dealers for Spain. Ask for Marisa or Alex

Apart from the one above, I would strongly recommend you these 2. However, bear in mind 2 things. 1st, they don't speak English, and secondly, compared to the quilt shops in the US, these shops are very small, and the worst of all, expect to pay 15 euros per yard, in dollars can be 20.


Principe de Vergara, 256

28016 MADRID

Phone: 914579871


C/ Fernandez de los Rios, 66

28015 Madrid

T/ 915449772

Best wishes,


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