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i need quilting ideas!

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this quilt is SO not talking....

it is a 60" sq mariner's compass for a husband's office....i know what i'm doing in the background....other than that....*shrug* nothing

i'm hoping on a good return on my design advice of past:D

i've quoted a price that doesn't include any SID or ruler work... (i know, how do you estimate with no idea what to quilt...i go high, that way i can always come down. they don't like it when you go 'up')

*puppy dog eyes* help



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In the blue section, between the long lines of the compass, do this: (((((((O)))))))

The 0 is a center swirl. Make those ))) really like a sideways U and they look really

celestial. Do a long feather in the spikes. all going only one way. THis gives it movement. You can do it, yes you can, you can do it Your our Doodlebug!!

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Originally posted by sagebrushquilter

No SID huh? Well there goes my bright idea!

Personally I do not like it...so I can see why it is not talking. It probably doesn't like itself either! :P

LOL!!! That good ol' country song comes to mind.... "what was I thinking!!!" (meaning "them" of course!) It sure does have contrasting colors though - I like the background.

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The spiral slinky thing in the black triangles looks great!! I like the bright spikes of the compass, but I find the interior blue and green circles hard to think through!! I think I would do "stoning" - like "pebbling" only larger - in both those circles to join them all together! It is a tough one!! :(

Could you "borrow" the same designs as you used in a different Mariner's Compass? :) After all the design is the same, it is just the colours that are throwing everyone off!!

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I know I quilt better than I draw, specially in Paint!!

I like Hester's ideas and quilting.

Here's my take, do your ribbon candy or slinky like circles in the yellow and white, then do "bananas" in the red triangles.

The rest has me stumped as well.

I'm working on one right now that I almost sent to another longarmer; or gave it back.............almost.:P:P

Have fun and git 'er done!

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