Advice on Qulting a T-shirt Quilt

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Originally posted by Cheri-Artzgirl

My client has made a t-shirt quilt for her mothers 80th birthday and wants me to quilt it, its large about queen size. Any advice on doing a t-shirt quilt will be most appreciated as I've not gone here before. :D

Thanks Ladies! I so appreciate it! For some reason I was thinking it would be different than a regular quilt, now I'm so ready for her to bring the quilt so I can decide how to quilt it!

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I like to use monofilament thread so I don't have to worry about lots of different background colors. Watch your pigtails though - the monofilament tends to put a groove in them and you'll need to replace them else risk thread breakage.

I like to do simple meanders in each t-shirt that complements the shirt - waves, swirls, loops, wavy lines between the writing, etc. I try not to stitch in the actual designs, especially thick gummy ones, but sometimes the design is so big you have to do something, so I try to follow some lines in the design.

I have some photos on my website:


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