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We won Grand Champion

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Originally posted by kennan100

I remember this! Congratulatiions, MB! You did a beautiful job on it! How many ribbons is this now? 3?

Originally posted by Mary Beth

Kenna :) I'm not counting since I don't really have any in my posession.

This most certainly counts, regardless of who has possession of that ribbon! :) I am so happy for you, MB and you really knocked it out of the park with your quilting choices. I'll bet your customer is thrilled to the max!

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Okay, the border idea was not my own. It was actually part of the pattern in the book. I just made a stencil for the fan and chalked and stitched.

Someone asked for the book/name of pattern....I think I have the flu....so much for the shot...I had the shot (for the first time) and had flu-like symptoms...today my hair hurts, my fingers hurt...my skin hurts. Sooo, when I am feeling better I will make it to the basement to get the book and let you know the name.

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MB sorry about your flu. I get the flu shot every year and it is a "educated guess" if this will help but I get the shot for free at work so I get it. Anyway whenever I get the flu shot I always feel a little yukky that day afterwards, but then I am OK.

PS: Please take credit and accept these compliments above from everyone. Just because you "borrowed" a design that came from a book that doesn't matter, you still quilted it. Be super proud. We all are. you deserve the recognition.

Feel better....

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Thank you all for the compliments!!! Today I feel a bit better, only I think I may have bronchitis...I always get it when I have something upper respritory. My skin and hair only hurts a little today :) I will try to get downstairs today to get the book and pattern name. Thank you for the well wishes. By the way...the flu shot was in November, my first. I went into it so possitive, just knowing I would be fine. On Friday morning I woke up at 3:30 am sssiiiiccckkk. I think DH is ready to trade me in ;)

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Ugh....my skin and hair does still hurt....

The book is "Great American Quilts 1996" by Oxmoor House. The quilt is actually featured on the front cover of the book. Mine is hard cover, my customer's was paperback. Here is the Amazon link


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