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{updated pictures}My new studio now off the ground


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This has been an exciting week for me, First it is our quilt show this weekend and I posted the pictures of my quilts that got ribbons and second my new studio is under construction and has a start to the second story. The way it is being built in the back is going to enlarge the new part to be approximately 24 x 14. What he is doing is raising the roof line in the back so that we can use the entire depth of the garage. the height at the back will be approx 5' 6" at the top of the windows. The existing studio which it will connect to is only 14' 6 " wide so I am gaining almost 10 extra feet. Here are a few pictures to give you and idea of how it will look from both sides.


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SANDRA! Don't admit you know who Lawrence Welk is!!! hahahaha ( yeah, I remember too! Grandma's fave)

Jeanne, you are blessed!! You will just love all that room and fill it up! Now you will have a place to hang your stunning Geisha quilt!!:P I am soo happy for you!!!

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