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Guest Linda S

I'm flying into Boston and taking the train down. The train station is only .5 mile from the Westin, so I'm hoping I can cram everything into one suitcase so I can just drag it down the street. I get in Tuesday night and leave Thursday afternoon. I'm off to Cape Cod at the end of my trip.


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Got my package yesterday also. Me, Georgene, Michelle and Bev will be arriving at the train station around 1030 Monday night. We were also told that the train station is a short walk from the Westin. Georgene and I will be in the APQS class Tuesday morning. Can't wait, my shopping list is getting long. I'm bringing an empty suitcase, I would have two empty cases but you all might not want me to wear the same clothes for 6 days!!! Gotta have priorities. :cool::cool::cool:

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If you are flying into TF Green Airport code PVD

Airport Shuttle Service

TF Green is the airport in Providence. For previous MQX attendees, it is similar in size and accessibility to the convention hotels as Manchester.

The airport code is PVD.

The nearest airport to the hotels and convention center is TF Green Airport in Providence (approximately 7 miles). The city-subsidized shuttle service is the least expensive ride to the hotels which, at this time, is $11 per person. International students will probably have to fly into Boston's Logan International Airport or Hartford, Connecticut first for customs services and either fly onto Providence, rent a car or catch a bus to Providence.

The Providence Airport Shuttle is located outside of baggage claim. The shuttles are big, gray busses that are clearly labeled "Providence Airport Shuttle" on the sides.

I arrive Tuesday afternoon, leave Sunday morning. And am staying at the Westin. I look forward to finding the blue ribbons!

Victoria G

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