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quilting fleece & minkee combination

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I made throws using 2 layers of fleece - some with thin batting and the more recent ones, without any batting. I like the no batting ones better because they were more drapable. I cut fringe for them, an did not need to worry about the batting around the edges.

I know my example is not the same as fleece and Minkee, but it is probably similar.

I use Sew Fine on top and in the bobbin.

I have more recently been using my CL pattern boards to do these. Quick and spot on.

These are what I have been using not only as gifts, but for groups (mostly from work) when they are having fund raising events and are begging for anything they can use in a Chinese Auction or raffle. When they have the raffles, there are always many items being raffled off during the event, and none bring in a whole lot of money, so making a beautiful quilt that "might" get $100 did not seem the way to go. These are perfect. We have one next weekend which is an ice hockey game with retired Philadelphia Flyers and a team that has some of our staff, and some members who are our vendors. Since my boss plays on the team, I made a fleece throw for the raffle. I found fleece at JoAnn's at 40% off. I used a coordinating solid on one side and ice hockey players on the other. On the solid side I embroidered the name of the event, "Goals for Giving" and the year, then I quilted it with the Square Dance pattern board from CL, then cut the fringe. I also made it 2 yards long X the 58-60 inch width. It was a great size for big kids and adults, and fit the theme of the event. Since I am going to the event, I'll get to see how people react to it. This will help me improve or make changes...like a judge's comments at a show. I hope it makes them some money.

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I've never did the combination. I do love using fleece as my backing. I've never had a problem with it and it's very forgiving (quilting) if you use a thread color that blends with the fleece colors. I know a lot of quilters that don't use batting if they're using fleece because the quilt could be to warm using both.:cool:

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How do you normally do the fringing on these fleece quilts ? Do you sew a border and then cut to that? And do you just use a normal pair of scissors to fringe? or is there a special tool?

I just bought some gorgeous plum coloured fleece, and wanted to practice a panto on it.



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When I sew my two pieces of fleece together I just do a straight stitch about 5 inches from the edge and then I have a flexible plastic ruler type thing I got in the quilting part of a fabric store. It has cutout lines every 1/2" and 1". I use a rotary cutter and cut according to the guide in 1" increments. I also cut out the squares in all 4 corners after I have sewn the straight stitch. This method works great for me. Hope I explained it good enough.

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When I quilt fleece or minky, I load it so the least amount of stretch goes between the rollers. That is, selvages are on the sides, not on the leaders. That way I don't have to worry about stretching it. We can put a lot of pressure on a quilt it we overtighten the sandwich. If you choose to load with the selvages on the leaders, just be very careful not to tighten the sandwich. I would leave it very loose. I also don't use my side leaders much, if at all, to avoid stretching. Both fleece and minky quilt beautifully. Love the look and the feel!

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