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Backing and top the same size

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A customer brought my a baby quilt to qulit, the back and the top are both pieced and are exactly the same size, she added four inches of "scrap" all the way around the back for loading purposes which she will remove once it is quilted.

I have my doubts whether I can get these two pieces to match exactly, and don't want to cause my customer aggravation if it does not work out perfectly.

Any suggestions??

Thanks for your help, Helen

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Say, "No." ;)

Some of the very experienced people might be able to line it up perfectly, and being a small quilt, it might not be so bad at the end after it has been rolled up. Personally, I would not want to do it.

I have done something similar when I bought a sale baby quilt from Keepsake Quilting. It came with everything. But, the kit was made to be sitched together right sides together, and then turned right side out, and close the small opening. Then just stitch around the edge. I didn't want to do it that way, so I added muslin to the 4 sides of the backing and loaded it on my frame. My backing was a bit short, but since it was my quilt, I just cut the top down to fit. It came out great.

However, with this being a customer's quilt and the backing is also pieced...I would be too afraid to attempt it.

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Well, this very experienced quilter would say "NO"....its a PITA to get that matched up..and if you are off even 1/4 inch it will cause not only you a headache, but the customer won't be happy.

I would try to explain how this would work if she wanted it spray basted and done on a DSM, but a longarm just doesn't work the same and getting it perfect just might not work, and you wouldn't want to make her unhappy.

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I have had this happen to me a few times before too - I always tell them right up front that I will do my best - but that there is NO guarantee to will be right "spot on"....

I am comfortable in telling them I will have it "within an Inch" and so far they have always been good with that. I usually get it within less than 1/2 an inch, if it isn't a very big quilt with lots of seams. (and if it has been cut and pressed well during the construction process - - helps a bunch!!) :cool:

My worst one was a t-shirt quilt - top and back - pieced all over and very poorly - but I still had that baby at no more than 1" off within the sashings. Just an overall anyhow - so no biggie.... wouldn't ever try to match up any SID - even for myself!!

Good Luck with however you choose to go - you are the one who has to do it.... ;)

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Originally posted by sewcrazy4quilting

....Honest communication will solve the problem :)

Yes! :)

Originally posted by LinneaMarie

Just say no!! Sweetly, of course!!:P:P:P

Yes, this, too. :)

Actually... me (Shana) I refuse to use the word "No" when dealing with customers. However, I do make suggestions and provide options. I never say no. I say "Yes" but under certain conditions. :)

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Thanks so much for your replies, I knew in my heart that I should not attempt to do this, as it could prove frustrating for both of us. Linda, I like your idea of making two quilts out of it! I have also thought of perhaps encouraging her to buy more fabric and taking the existing border off the backer and adding one four inches bigger. I am going to talk to her this weekend when I see her and see what we can come up with.

Thanks girls, you are the best!!

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