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Side Saddle Computer System installed! Now with Video!

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Joanne and I just had the side saddle installed on our 2007 Milli and I am very impressed. By the way…We are now DEALERS for Side Saddle so, be sure and give us a call to schedule a test drive. 336-339-5190 Believe it or not...we have both the Compuquilter and Side Saddle hooked up to two separate machines on one frame. It’s a pretty cool setup. Here is a link to both systems running at the same time.


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ROFL Kelley and Joanne, where are the new picts of it.. ?? I wanna see... we are surviving.. I was having nightmares about you two the other night... LOL.. can't get away from you, can I? If I wanted to.. and I don't.

Just kidding.. know you two are busy.. as we are..

So let us see it in action on a quilt.. either You Tube, or??? Ok?? well, I guess just picts will do.. geesh.. if we gotta.

See ya before too long. how much will another demo cost??

RitaR & Himself..

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Hi Rita!

Kelley likes the idea of putting the side saddle in action on You Tube. He seems to like his new toy! Hopefully, he can get the side saddle and CQ working at the same time to catch up on his customer quilts!

I love my CQ but the Side Saddle is definitely intriguing and the price is way to awesome to ignore.

Yes, come see us soon!

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