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Does anyone have as source for the Groz-Beckert needles that Dawn recommends for the long arm machines? It is very confusing with all the different kinds and I am having a hard time finding the exact ones she shows in her Quilt Talk section. I ordered 1 package from Kingsmen but will wait to see if they are the right ones before ordering any more. I want the larger needle, as I like to use King Tut thread.

Thanks for any tips !

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I have the needles available $5.50/10 or $35/100, mix and match sizes. All prices are plus actual shipping and no handling. If you order and you are out of state (KS or MO) you do not pay sales tax like you will at MQS. The tax and shipping is just about a wash.

I will be taking orders for delivery at MQS for parts and accessories. I will have to charge Overland Park Sales tax on all purchases.


100 Singer MR or Organ Needles--------------$35.00 mix and match sizes

10 Singer MR or Organ Needles----------------$5.50each

4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0

100 Steel Bobbins--------------------$25.00 @ $.25 each

50 Steel Bobbins---------------------$15.00 @ $.30 each

Less than 50 ------------------------------------$.35 each

100 Aluminum Bobbins--------------$35.00 @ $.35 each

Less than 100-------------------------------------$.40 each

3 Bobbin Case “L”------------------ $18.00 @ $6.00 each

6 Bobbin Case “L” ------------------$30.00 @ $5.00 each

9 Bobbin Case “L”-------------------$36.00 @ $4.00 each

Less than 3 ------------------------------------$8.00 each

Tension Assembly on sale for--------------$10.00

Tension Spring on sale for--------------------$1.50

We are also an Authorized Hartley Products Dealer.

Please call or email us to order.

All prices are plus actual shipping costs.

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