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Please don't tell anyone!

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Originally posted by quiltmonkey

Originally posted by ManQuilter

...Is it too early to ask for name suggestions? I'd love to name him 'Quilton' if it's a boy.

Oh please don't name him Quilton ... he will grow up and eventually make the association to this and then he will want to kill you! :P

I love all the names of your kids. But a kid named Quilton growing up in a house full of quilters... oh goodness...

You could always change Quilton to Quentin, the one I know is the oldest of his family, so it doesn't need to mean #5! I do agree with Shana to be careful with the opportunity other kids will take with their names. My first daughter is Jacinta. No one has ever created an aggrevating name for her from it but one off the wall kid in school, called her Placenta! He definitely wasn't a close friend.


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Wonderful I always wanted a house full only got to have 3 though but am so thankful for them as those three filled my house with there friends and friends of friends and I always had a house full so I am truly blessed as you are also and enjoy every day as it comes filled with love.. in stitches

In stitches always .. This labybug quilts!!!! Tammy

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Wow! Matt, This is Great news my prayers are with you and your family. My son has a family of 7 childern , and I know how busy he is. You are Very busy!!

You are truly blessed!! Congratulations!!!

Marylyn Jones

Sew n' Sew Quilting

Grand Junction, Co

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