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We no longer plan on doing shows. We have two tables for sale with carriage and 1 motor drive.

1st table is 7 foot and the table and carriage are drilled for CQ. We also have an overhead track for CQ for this table. This table is $1900 including carriage.

2nd table is 10 foot with carriage and castors. This table is $1950 including carriage and castors.

Motor drive with one of the tables will be $700.

You cover shipping or pick up at our studio.

Let me know if you are interested.


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Those are great prices, John!! If I hadn't just reformatted my trailer for my 7-ft table, I'd be in the market for you ten-footer! Bet someone snatches them up real quick...

You didn't say in your post, but I'm assuming these are Millie tables...

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I will not be at MQX nor will I have a booth at MQS. I will be taking orders to deliver at MQS (we are a Corporate Sponsor of the show). Postage is minimal for most orders if you order to have it sent to you. Postage might be less than sales tax (unless you are purchasing for resale.

If anyone wants to preorder for MQS I will need a copy of your resale certificate so you will not have to pay sales tax. You can fax us a copy of your certificate and we will keep it on file.


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