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Looking for Diabetic Cookbooks please

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Kristina, all of the above websites are very useful. My favorite diabetic cookbook is the one by Betty Crocker. it is based on carb count more than exchanges and has yummy recipes, even some deserts.

by the way, your family is a true inspiration to all of us on how to handle adversity, with courage and humor and honor.

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please check out: dLife Foodstuff <dlifenews@dlife.com

also in my area the PBS channel have a 30 mins. segment on once a week that's call DLife.com, same as above. Check their web site for the segment in your area. Anything and everything you need to know about type one and type two diabetics, food and meds included are all discussed on the web site and the PBS segment.

Their recipes are great for the diabetic in the family and everyone else in the family, so you don't have to be cooking separate meals and it's important that family meals remain family meals.

Feel in LOVE with your little guy . . .


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Thanks Karen. I would appreciate it!

Bekah...I will be the first to admit that it is hard to handle change. Sven seems to be entering his honeymoon stage of diabetes now and it is really making things crazy as far as his glucose numbers are concerned. Also, I have been fighting with the school nurse for a couple of days now. Thank goodness for the Diabetic Clinic nurses who I have been in contact with. They are calling the school and trying to get everything worked out in a smooth transition for Sven. I am about ready to pull my hair out...or dye it all gray!

Without this group of fabulous men and women...it be be really hard. Sven has recieved so many letters, cards, support that I know we are loved by many! Thank you to all of you. :)

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Kristina I picked up a magazine at the newsagent today titled "Diabetic Living" so posted it along with the cookbook.

My girlfriend's daughter was diagnosed when she was 5, Alexandra is 18 today and it is just another part of her everyday life. Her favourite saying growing up with diabetes was "no biggee" and Sally always said that you just do what has to be done. Sally always told me the more information she had the better they coped in the early days.

So hope the cookbook and magazine help and I wish Sven a healthy future.:)

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Don't forget to get your 504 plan in place as soon as you can. That will tell the school nurse, teachers and everyone else what he can and can't do, what the teachers/staff can and can't do. It will help make this a bit easier.


Is a great site with tons of information and a great resource for parents of children with diabetes.

Tell Sven to hang in there and kudos to you for letting the Diabetic Clinic nurses help you out!

And like Karen said, it does become just another part of life and the more info you have, the better you'll feel.;)

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