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The New Bliss Drive System is Heaven!

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The new Bliss Drive System is one of those innovations that revolutionizes an industry. The APQS Millennium did it a decade ago, and now the Bliss Drive creates a longarm package that is truly a godsend. I feel like I'm a kid again, dancing on the clouds as I quilt with Bliss.

The rail profile and carriage use technology you'd find in aerospace engineering and medical equipment. Specially designed bearings and wheels create a ride so smooth it's like you aren't even pushing the machine...you're dancing with it!

If you've been looking for a complete longarm system that will last you into the next decade and beyond, you've found your Bliss. I think the ease of movement will help me keep quilting for years to come, even if my nearly-50-year-old body starts to get creaky:). With a stitch-regulated Millennium that gives me precise points, superior stitch quality and fingertip controls, look out world! I just might surprise you! (Yes, the truth is out...I still have my beloved Ultimate I from APQS, but have been sewing on a Millennium for the past year.)

I am truly in quilting heaven!

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The table in this picture is the old c style rails.  This would be the $3000 upgrade to Bliss.    

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Dawn, Since you've been quilting with a new Milli, can you tell us if the new Bliss system makes small quilting, such as tiny feathers and microstippling, easier and looking nicer. If so, how much of this can be attributed to Bliss and how much to Quilt Glide? If I upgrade, I won't have Quilt Glide, so would like to know if Bliss alone can help me achieve smoother tiny quilting.

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It's my understanding that the Bliss system will be available for test-driving at the major Quilt Shows this season, so if you're planning a trip to MQS, Chicago or Paducah, you can try it there. I don't think any of the Reps will have this system to demonstrate before summer, but if an APQS Road Show is coming anywhere close to you this summer, you might be able to see Bliss in action then.

For ordering, I would suggest you contact your closest Sales Rep - he or she can walk you through the order process and then be available to walk you through the setup.

Please let us all know what you think of it after you've tried it!;)

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HI everyone! Just been working the Chicago Quilt Festival and have played A LOT with Bliss! This takes our system to the next level. It has wonderful movement and glildes like a dream! This, compiled with all the other great features that are attributed to APQS now make this truly the greatest system out there! Seriously ladies, this one takes the cake! You can upgrade an machine 2008 and above with the Quilt Glide and you can upgrade ANY year Millennium to Bliss! You will not be disappointed--I promise!

Lastly, it will definately make small work easier, but compiled with the Quilt Glide and it is completely effortless!


APQS Millennium

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Hi Sandra,

I think it's sort of like asking for pictures of the inner workings of the stitch regulator, or what's happening behind the wall when you turn the light switch on. We can show you the results, but it's difficult to take a "picture" of what's going on in places where you can't see. :cool:

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Maybe they could take pictures from the side at eye level of the the table rails - the rails on the table are rounded!!! and don't work with wheels as we know them today. The table rails are so different than before. This may not provided answers that owners are looking for but might show how new and innovative this new rail system is - When I first saw the system, that is what first struck me and then when I tried it - couldn't believe it!!! This big thing is the engineering of the system - totally new and it works................

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Hi Gang,

Darlene is right, it's hard to use what you "see" in a photo and translate it into how the Bliss drive systems "feels."

Heidi has posted a photo on her blog of the Bliss, along with a video of a quilter trying it out:

Click Here to go to Heidi's APQS Blog

What isn't very clear in the photo is the new rail system...a round steel rod on the rails is mounted on top. Its rounded profile greatly reduces the "point of contact" that the special bearings in the new carriage make with the rod. This, in turn, dramatically reduces the friction.

Hope this helps!

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