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We are going to Paducah next Wednesday and coming home Friday evening. I am sooo excited. Will "Bliss" be there? I know I am supposed to take a picture of a quilt for someone....but who :( ?

Doodlebug, was it you? My memory is HORRIBLE and it has been awhile. Anybody else going?

Cheri Blevins

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Cheri, I read a post that quoted Mark as saying Bliss will be at Chicago, Paducah and MQS.

I'll be coming to Paducah with Francine (Penelopefabric), and I think we'll be there on Thursday, don't know about Friday, and have no idea what the schedule is. I'm just along for the ride! :P:P:P But I think I'll have to give Bliss a test drive, just so I can at least say I did!

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I'm going to Paducah too. Should I look for a quilt that says "quilted by Doodlebug??".:D I'll be there Wed. through Sat. so I should have plenty of time to look for familiar names. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I will have any access to a computer while there. I also have never posted pictures, so I'd better get busy and learn.! ;) Dar

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Wow, Shannon that's gorgeous!!! I hope to be cheering you and Deb as you walk across the stage at awards night! I have a quilt in the show, too, but am just excited to say "it got in!"

Looking forward to seeing you all there (after I do a quick load of laundry between MQX and leaving for Paducah). I don't own enough underwear to last me two weeks!:) Reminds me of the time our neighbor's son went to scout camp with two weeks' worth of underduds and came home with all of them untouched...he told his mom he simply "reversed" them every day so whatever side was on the "outside" got aired out until the next day:) :).

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