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Blocking a Quilt


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Where can I find some clear instructions on Blocking a large quilt top?

I believe I know but wanted to be sure.

I have a Wool batting in the quilt and the fabrics have not been washed.

Any suggestions on addressing this would be appreciated.

I will not be doing it but wanted to include the instuctions for my customer on how to. ( unless she requests I do it)

Thanks Grammie

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Hey Tammie!

I have had great luck with blocking with "pink board" or insulation board. It comes in 4 X 8 sheets, & very affordable!

You should be able to purchase it at your local building supply store.

Then I pinned some printed grid interfacing onto the board for reference points.

When ever I want to block a quilt, I mist the quilt, & use "T-pins" to pin on the lines of the grid, I am able to accurately target the exact measurement this way.

I place a fan on the quilt for a few days, & it dries perfect!

The foam in the insulation board works like a charm allowing air between the surface of the board & the quilt so it dries quicker.

Then when it is not in use for blocking, I have it up on the wall in my studio for my design wall, the fabric sticks to the grid interfacing really well.

Anyway, for what it is worth, give it a try, I have had judges compliment me on the precision of the "square-ness" of my quilts, so hey, I am happy camper! :)

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